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Friends only
(Mostly to keep certain people out, but whatever. ^^; )

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I have basically almost no social life. Which means most of the stuff in here is going to be random fangirling. Sometimes, there will be random ranting of fucktard teachers and idiot underclassmen. I'm relatively friendly most of the time, cracky up the wazoo, but if there is stupidity I wouldn't think much about calling on it. So yeah, I can be nasty, but can't anyone? Heh.

Please to be speaking some measure of English or I will be punting your ass halfway.

And oh, by the way? Favorite character is Hiyo-Piyo.

I'm sorry for spamming.

1. Comment here and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw a picture using the mighty MS Paint.

2. You have no say in what I draw for you, or in how much it will suck!

3. Put this in your journal along with the pictures people drew for you.

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Note: May be slow, I'm doing history at the same time. OOO:

Whee, interest? 8D;

So uh. In following reijyutsugakuin (original!) and ashitadaigaku (Seed! 8D), would anyone be interested in a PoT ArtPG? Very much following the format of reijyutsugakuin - basically, it'd be telling a story with pictures? I've no idea what the background scenario would be. Either it'd be fast forwarded a couple of years (really, how many of you want to repeatedly draw tennis matches? XD; ) or it'd be uber-AU. My brain is screaming for the latter idea, and uh. Nooo. Stop me from my MMORPG-verse-AU mania. XD

But um, yes. Any artists out there interested? And _yumeiro, you wanna co-mod or something? If it takes off.

I will not be picky with Hyoutei, I will not be picky with Hyoutei. Er. Not much. Make Ohtori a blushy!Christian!uke-boi and I will kick you. 8D He can wall like the rest of 'em.

But no, I'll be lax, for serious. XD

fanfic100// Prince of Tennis: Hyoutei Gakuen

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Heh, claimed Hyoutei for fanfic100. Probably going to end up cross-posting fics between there and mikken because I'm obsessive about having my fics all in one place, and then adding links here. Whee. Or something. *probably going to end up so fucking disorganized about this, whut* I'm tempted to temper Upon the Earth to these themes, but most of them wouldn't work in that world, so haha. XD;

Hurrah for public entries.

Hi, my name is Yun and I'm a critical, elitist bitch who has high standards and is tired of fanon and yaoi fangirls with the mentality of 12 year-olds who think that just because two guys touch, they are gay.

Fuck you, and have a good evening.

Also, while I'm on the topic. Please to be criticizing my writing, how I RP my characters, etc. Any problems you may have with me, feel free to state them. Anonymous commenting is allowed; IP logging is turned off. Have at it, please.

My writing is at mikken.
I play Niou at CFUD; have, briefly, played Atobe (and Hiyoshi, but not much) at Nations, Mukahi at 893, OOC!Hiyoshi and OOC!Yanagi at omg!PoT (and so that technically doesn't really count, because both are OOC), Niou at CBRP.

Fic requests

Sorry for spamming the f-list. Request a fic - give a character or few, a theme, whatever. Doesn't matter. PoT only. I'm going to need something to do the next few nights.

Also, could someone upload the second half of DL2 for me? I don't have BT on the desktop, and yeah.